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 Bad Weather Cancellation  

If the trip must be cancellation before leaving dock, you have a choice of rebooking or a refund of your deposit. If bad weather occurs during the charter, you will only be charged time away from dock. 

  Charters require $100.00 deposit at the time of booking. We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Cash, and check. Call Capt.Dennis to get your charter Schedule. 

Everyone 17 and older must have an Michigan Fishing license. License can be purchased online at When punching your license pay close attention to the date and time.   
  Michigan Fishing License 

 5-7 Hour salmon Fishing trip

Perch Charter

1-2 Person $350.00
  3 person $400.00
  4 Person $450.00
  5 Person $500.00
  6 Person $550.00

Sunset Cruise

Perch charter are only morning trips and are suitable for 4 people. All bait and equipment are Provided for crew. We will Clean and bag caught fish. Trip Starts at 7:00am to 1:00pm.
  2 Person Trip $225.00 each            additional person $75.00 

Sunset cruise from the marine to Like Michigan Pier head. 1 hour before sunset and 1 hour back to the marine.
  2 Person Trip $75.00 Each additional  person $ 25.00 up to 6 person total.  

  River Trip to Coast guard station and back to marine. The trip will take 1.25 hour. 

  6 person trip $100.00

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